I’m glad you’re here where I can share some of my artwork, my articles, and information about “Writing Out Loud,” the popular workshop that I am currently teaching on Zoom.  I am excited to have a platform to share some of my musings with you as well as invite you to join me to write and make art together and have a connection where we can enjoy stories and interests and the everyday things that spark joy in our lives.

I discover day by day and through my own experience and those of others,  that we make art in everything we do,  even if we’ve never thought of ourselves as artists.  Art is found in  our daily lives, from birthing our children, to raising them, to designing, and decorating our living spaces which we turn into homes for our family and all who visit.  We tend to our gardens and produce beauty all around us. Some of us cook and bake things that delight whoever tastes them. We’re passionate about so many things. Sports that we practice as well as those we watch. People we admire and learn from.  Books and music and theater and art that in one way or another become part of our daily lives. We care for our animals and they in turn take care of us.  The photographers among us take that perfect shot that will be cherished forever. All of them pure artistic endeavours. So, fellow artists rejoice and recognize and celebrate your talent and enjoy it to empower and love yourselves and those you care about.