Writing Out Loud Workshop

We all have stories to tell. Some of us journal in one way or another and many of us blog or even write opinions or compose elaborate “letters to the editor” on a variety of subjects.  Some choose to write posts, share stories or “show and tell” about their daily lives.

In the “Writing Out Loud” workshops, currently offered online,  a fun group of amateur writers  get the opportunity to sharpen their writing and story-telling skills. In addition to reading their creations out loud, they also have a chance to hear inspiring tales. By listening to each other attentively we help as editors and  by sharing, we discover our writing style, voice and personal rhythm.

In "Writing Out Loud" workshop, we will:

  • Meet for 6 sessions once a week on Zoom.
  • Meet like-minded people who enjoy writing and reading out loud. Both fiction and non-fiction on a wide variety of subjects is encouraged.
  • Have a mindful audience listening to you and offering their positive and constructive
    thoughts and suggestions
  • Express your views (preferably not political or religious) and make yourself heard.
  • Discover your unique talent as a storyteller.
  • Whatever you like to write, be it short stories, poetry, essays or articles, you have a captive audience in the group and the potential for new friends.

For details and sign up, contact Elena

Coming Soon: Art Journaling Workshop